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  • Are we finally going to see the end of accentism?

    I suppose that almost every country on earth has it’s own internal battles with accentism.  I know that accents can be a hot topic in the US, for example, and here in the UK each country and region has its own battles, with regions of England feeling just as aggrieved by accentism as the Celtic […]

  • Welsh Accents in the Voice Over Industry: Exploring the Unique and Diverse Soundscapes of Wales

    For those that don’t know, Wales is a small country with a rich cultural heritage and a long history of storytelling. Its people have a unique way of speaking that is known for its musicality, expressiveness, and versatility. In recent years, Welsh accents have become increasingly popular in the voice over industry, and many Welsh […]

  • Bannau Brycheiniog – What’s all the fuss about?!

    “What’s in a name? “ asked Shakespeare, concluding that the name does not matter, but the substance does. I wonder, though, if he would have taken kindly to being called Billy Rattlerod over and over whether he liked it or not? After the furore surrounding Eryri and Yr Wyddfa, the recent decision to stop referring […]

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